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In beer manufacturing, barley grain is malted (germinated under controlled conditions) and kilned. This malt is extracted to give wort. The wort is cooked and treated with hops, fermented with yeast, filtered and stabilised. In mashing, the aim is to produce maximum quantities of fermentable sugars in a liquor which is easy to filter. Key enzyme activities are Alpha Amylase, Beta Glucanase and Xylanase may also be of some importance Beta-Glucan hydrolysis is required to enhance the rate of wort and beer filtration and to prevent the formation of Beta-Glucan hazes in the final product. Brewers who desire raw material cost savings or use of local raw materials may source under-modified malts or increase the ratio of adjunct. The limiting factor is to ensure an adequate complex of enzymatic activities for high-quality wort. We offer a range of blended products to ensure sufficient FAN, extract yield, filterability, and fermentability for high-quality index final beers. Cost effective adjunct and malt solutions are made with Beta Glucanase, Xylanase, Alpha Amylase and Protease.

BR Brewzyme P

Blend of Papain Enzyme for Brewery

BR Brewzyme BG

Blend of Beta Glucanase enzyme for Brewery

BR Brewzyme Pro

Protease enzyme for Brewery

BR Brewzyme Malt

Enzyme blend for Brewery

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